Asking All Them Questions... LOL


How long will shipping and processing take? Shipping and processing takes up to 7 to 21 working days.

*Units Order: Please add 2-4 working days since units need time to be made*

What is the difference between Virgin Hair and Raw Hair? Virgin hair goes through a process called "steamed process". This is how the different textures are created. Raw hair is completely organic, lol. It may sound foolish but ... it is the truth sis.

How long will the virgin hair on the "So Cute Collection" last? The Virgin Hair on the "So Cute Collection" can last 1-2 years with proper care.

How long will the hair in the "So Raw Collection" last? The Premium quality hair on the "So Raw Collection" will last 2 years MINIMUN with proper care.

Why are there textures in the "So Raw Collection"? All hair on the "So Raw Collection" is premium quality. All hair on this collection cuticles are aligned. All hair from this collection comes from a single donor. All hair in this collection can be lifted to color #27 with professional coloring session. Sis, this hair is "LIKE DAT".

Are there bundles, bundles deals for the "So Raw Collection"? No, not at this time. This hair hits my pockets hard y'all. So I have to price the product accordingly. Hopefully, I can offer it in the near future.

What is HD Lace? HD Lace is the thinnest lace on the market. This is the "new kid on the block" when it comes to lace. This is the highest quality of lace. Super breathable and stretchy.

What is transparent lace? Transparent lace is the "runner up" to HD lace. It is thin and "meltable". It is normally colored medium brown, light brown or transparent.

What is "Regular Swiss Lace"? Regular lace is the Swiss lace that we started with in the "scalp era". It is the thickest of the lace. This lace is not airy. So it can get hot. However, with the right stylist this lace can still be slayed. I would recommend this for all my beautiful dark skin ladies. 

What is a frontal? A frontal is a hairpiece that goes 13 inches across the head (from ear to ear) and usually goes about 4 inches back. Pair with 2 bundles for a more natural look. Pair with 3 bundles for a fuller look; Pair with 4 to 5 bundles for a voluminous look.

What is a closure? A closure is a much smaller hairpiece which limits the styling of the slay. This is MUCH more manageable than a frontal (in my opinion). Hence, it usually has 4 inches across and 4 inches going back. So less lace = less lifting (see how I made it make sense, lol).

Can the hair on the "So Cute Collection" be colored? Yes, the hair on the "So Cute Collection" can be lifted to color #6 (like honey brownish color).

Can I order when product is sold out? Yes, you can order when product is sold out. I "re-up" every 4 days.

Can I get a refund or exchange? No refunds or exchanges will be given.  Unfortunately there are absolutely no exceptions to this rule; due to the hygenic nature of installing hair, itips extensions,units, etc, it is against our protocol to accept returned products and resale. Also, once the requested product have been purchase from my factory, there is NO CANCELING THE ORDER. Please read ladies; I'm putting everything out here. Feel free to email or text 252-377-4199 with any additional questions and/or concerns! Disputes and/or chargebacks will not be honored. All products are thoroughly inspected prior to shipping to the customer. In the event that there is an dilemma with the order; Resolution will be sought at our discretion. If you proceed to purchase you are agreeing to completely cooperate with our resolution as final. 

How long should I wait for a response? Please allow 2 to 72 hours for a response.

What if my package is lost? Once the package is dropped off to the mail carrier; we are no longer responsible for the package. Bundles2x can only be liable for incidents withing our control.

What is the difference in 200% density and 300% density? 200% density is for a person who desire a more natural look. Since 200% density can be compared to 2 bundles sewed in. 300% density is equal to 3 bundles sewed in.

What I want, I don't see, can you help me? Yes, I can help or definitely try. This option is only available to customers that created an account through this website and have subscribed. Somethings are not added to my website because of low demand for the item. Please feel free to send pictures to or text ONLY to 252-377-4199. If you choose this route please give me 2 to 72 hours to reply; I will have to check with my factory to make sure we can accommodate the request.