Legal Stuff


Bundles2x® (WE, US, I, BUNDLES2x®) collects and maintain personal information provided by it's customers, including their names, addresses, mobile telephone numbers, email addresses, and billing information. This information is provided voluntary per the customer. All information that is collected is used to process payments and complete customers' order. Some of these processes includes third party vendors.

How Does Bundles2x® utilize customer information?

Shipping Info: When selling Quality Hair Extension, part of the job is getting the hair to the customer. Addresses and other pieces of data are collected to make sure the product is shipped to the customer.  

Customer Service and/or Follow up:

Bundles2x® may need customer information for customer support services, including but not limited to, billing and payment issues, unexpected delivery issues, etc..

General Announcements:

Bundles2x® may use personal information for periodic general announcements to customers. These can include but are not limited to: notifications, update concerning Bundles2x® or , marketing communication, etc..

Third Party Service Providers:

In order for Bundles2x® to provide some of the cool features, we may need to use personal customer data in connection with website maintenance, upgrades, new releases, analytics data review compilations, etc.. Bundles2x® will be required to share customers' data with any third-party service providers that we might engage with to assist in the efforts of making checking out and/or advertising easier. These third party service providers are all legit businesses that employ adequate security measure.